Stender Estonia OÜ was founded on 12 July 2002 in Tallinn. Stender Estonia OÜ is an independent company based on German capital. The company shares a contractual relationship and a common owner with the German company Stender AG. Stender Estonia OÜ is engaged in horticultural peat and horticultural peat products and the logistic thereof. The territory of the company is Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Belarus, Ukraine and the western part of Russia.

The company employs three people. The employees of the company have long-term experience in the field of horticultural peat and logistics. The quality and loading of peat and peat products is constantly inspected, business contacts are established and maintained, business negotiations are conducted, and contracts are prepared, solving complaints, if necessary. The company engages in close cooperation with many truck, ship and container companies. Stender Estonia OÜ organises the transport of peat products from the Baltics to many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa as well as South America.

In addition to the contract with Stender AG, the company has a clientele of its own. The company sells horticultural peat, packaged peat products, logistics and consulting services to its clients, mostly in Europe, since 2003. Since January 2007, the company started actively selling substrates and potting soils.